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About Nomadic.

a restaurant without walls

Our restaurant without walls has no boundaries other than the stars and the sky. Food is a universal language and through it, we aim to tell the story of our woodland through the dishes we serve you.

Green leaf arrangement for nomadic's wood crafted communal table

An alternative way of dining

Green leaf arrangement for nomadic's wood crafted communal table

Come join us under the dappled shade of ancient oak trees, under starlit skies illuminated by glowing candlelight or immersed in a sea of bluebells, wrapped in warm blankets around a cracking fire, surrounded by ancient forest and roaming wildfire in a hidden woodland setting unlike any other.

Nomadic feasts over fire offer an alternative way of dining. One which embraces nature that we are each part of. One which explores the profound connection we each have with the world around us and with each other. One where new friendships are forged and old friendships rekindled around a shared table.

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Our Story

Nomadic open kitchen

We began our feasts in May 2018 as a natural alternative to the formulaic restaurant experience. We wanted to create something unique that our guests could relate to and feel part of.

We found a vast clearing in the forest filled with abandoned cars and got to work removing them and slowly rewilding the area.

We located a local craftsman to forge a huge table out of a tree which had fallen after a recent storm which our friends and family dined around. We gathered wild ingredients such as wild garlic, gorse and nettle and feasted with friends cooking over wood we had gathered. As the wine and conversation flowed, we gazed up at the night sky, each feeling a part of nature. We agreed it was a magical experience.

Nomadic open kitchen
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From that moment on, our family set about building Nomadic.

It was not without its challenges. For over two years, we cooked without a kitchen, learning to perfect the art of outdoor open-fire cooking. More feasts followed. Masterchef Champions, Great British Menu Chefs, Celebrated Food Writers & Award-Wining Executive Chefs from some of London’s top restaurants have come to us to experience the joy of cooking in the great outdoors, moments captured by artful photography and with them, guests soon followed.

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Amongst our guests, we count members of the Royal Family, World Cup Winners, Olympic Gold Medalists, TV journalists and some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Alongside this, we have helped with the launch of a fully electric car, carbon-neutral wine brand and celebrated World Earth Day with digital creators.

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Our ethos remains the same

Using food and nature as a catalyst to bring people close together

We hope you enjoy your time with us.

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