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Woodland Feasts

A multi sensory exploration
of the edible landscape.
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Feasts over fire

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The day begins with a foraging tour which identifies a variety of the native wild ingredients found amongst the forests and the hedgerows and culminates in a delicious seasonally inspired meal cooked over open fire in front of you in a magical woodland clearing surrounded by nature. After your meal toast marshmallows and sip handpicked herbal teas around a giant sunken firepit.
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We began hosting our woodland feasts in May 2018 as an authentic alternative to the formulaic restaurant experience. We found an abandoned clearing in the forest and worked alongside a local craftsman to create a huge table out of a fallen tree which our friends and family dined around and invited a local chef who scoured the land for wild ingredients and gathered fallen wood to cook over. Gazing up at our woodland surroundings and feeling a part of nature we each agreed was a magical experience. This was the day Nomadic was born.

Sometimes imitated but rarely equaled MasterChef Winners, Michelin Chefs, Hollywood Celebrities, TV Presenters, World Cup Champions and Olympic Gold Medal Winners have shared our signature feasting experience.
An outside fire-grill
An outside fire-grill
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Our aim as a business is to

Use food and nature to reconnect our guests with the world around them.

Our restaurant without walls has no boundaries. Food is a universal language and through it, we aim to tell the story of our Woodland through the dishes we serve you.

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Nomadic - Immersive woodland dining
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