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An astonishing way to create a winning PR Event

Nomadic was the perfect location for a cleaning brand Astonish to raise awareness of their sustainable cleaning products. Astonish have worked tirelessly to create recyclable packaging made from reusable materials and products that are kinder to the environment.

Alongside business founders we welcomed 16 brand ambassadors, influencers and well known celebrities to our hidden woodland to trial “The Good One” at Nomadic. Guests from ‘This Morning’ and online cleaning bloggers were excited to visit our woodland and warm by the fire as the day unfolded.

The Nomadic woodlands were a perfect backdrop to highlight the key ingredients and “power” of this multi-use, all-natural cleaning product.

Guests were taken on a guided foraging tour of the surroundings where they learned about the amazing natural cleansing characteristics of the ingredients that are seasonally abundant in our woods and how they can be used alongside products such as Astonish to cleanse not only their home, but their minds and bodies too!

We arranged with the client to plant some random household items amongst our woodlands for guests to discover along their foraging tour. The items were in need of a clean and the Astonish product was used to have them shining and squeaky clean again! The numerous objects were gathered up by the clients and then used the Astonish cleaning product in situ to clean and work up an appetite.

Nomadic served a seasonal feast which was entirely vegan and locally sourced on a table that was beautifully decorated with wild, English flowers that highlighted the colours of the Astonish brand in line with the client’s “Alice in Wonderland Tea Party” brief.

Guests were served a ‘mint medley’ herbal tea which was handpicked. Its minty aroma playing homage to the new range. Equally our compostable loos were scented with mint candles and decorated with green leaves and foliage to match the theme and styling of the new Astonish product. At every corner of our Nomadic, guests could see how the team had gone to every effort to blend the flavours, colours and style of Astonish within the event space. Both the founders and guests were thrilled with the day and looked forward to returning.

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